ZyCal Bioceuticals, Inc

ZyCal Bioceuticals, Inc, Pro-Stiminol Advanced (175mg kit)


A bone health kit containing one bottle of Ostinol™ Advanced 175 and one bottle of Tricalcidin-3®.



Ostinol™ Advanced 175 contains 175mg of Cyplexinol® Pro – Nature’s BMP-Complex.  Cyplexinol® Pro, contains bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPS), the only osteoinductive proteins proven to grow new bone and cartilage tissue so minerals can work.

Tricalcidin-3® is a premium blend of 3 organic calciums, plus vitamin-D3 and magnesium, to fortify bone tissue. Contains 60 tablets.



Suggested Use:

Daily Dose: 
1-6 capsules of Ostinol™ Advanced 175
1-2 tablets of Tricalcidin-3®

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