Superfood Facial Cleansing Gel/Cream

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Superfood Facial Cleansing Gel/Cream

A luxurious cream cleanser lathers to purify as it hydrates and brightens your complexion. Anti-oxidants nourish while fighting against free radical damage by offering an excellent source of Vitamins A & C. Easily remove dirt and makeup without stripping skin's barrier to keep it healthy and balanced.

Skin Type: Normal – Dry


  • Vitalizes dermal stem cells responsible for collagen and elastin production
  • Accelerates skin’s natural repair process
  • Fights wrinkles and loss of firmness
  • Lightens and protections skin with Vitamin C

Key Ingredients:

Directions: Morning and evening, mix a nickel size amount of cleanser with warm water to form a milky lather and massage for one minute. Rinse thoroughly then pat dry before applying BOTANICAL Activating Toner. Can also be mixed with the toner for a water free cleanse.

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