PowerGlow AHA/BHA Resurfacer

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PowerGlow AHA/BHA Resurfacer

Power Glow AHA/BHA ResurfacerPower Glow AHA/BHA ResurfacerRevolutionary complex rejuvenates & resurfaces for fast visible results powered by QuSome Technology.Power Glow AHA/BHA ResurfacerPower Glow AHA/BHA Resurfacer
* Time released QuSomes continuously deliver high quality alpha & beta hydroxy acids layer by layer into the skin revealing a smoother and more youthful complexion immediately and without irritation.
* Phytomoist is used to give 400 times more moisturizing and hydrating benefits than sodium hyaluronate alone due to its unique combination of naturally derived hyaluronic acid from asian mushrooms and Betaine from beets to dramatically reveal glowing skin that is supple, balanced and refreshed throughout the day.
Cactus extract acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-erythema; calms skin when using topical AHA’s.
* Exclusive blend of superfoods, botanicals and plant stem cells combat free radicals and tighten and brighten your skin.
* Our light silky formula is unisex and suitable for every skin type to experience unparalleled antiaging benefits of health and repair at every age.
Directions Apply to cleansed skin gradually building to twice daily. Lightly massage until absorbed then follow with 24 HOUR MOISTURIZER. Avoid eye area.
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