VH1 Basketball Wives LA

Special thanks to VH1 for choosing Biostar Health.


In this episode, VH1 Basketball Wives LA went to visit Biostar Health Clinic in Los Angeles, California. A biofeedback scan was performed using Technology exclusive from Biostar Organix Healthcare Association. We're proud to offer the latest Biofeedback Technology from Europe. Our company was founded in 2009 with the mission to bring the latest Technology to Complementary Alternative Healthcare - since then we design and develop our own technology as well as integrate the best of science for the special needs of our clients. 



PictureDynamic Spectral analysis system is an extremely fast screening of the human body - less than 30 seconds. Reproducible and non-invasive. The Scan and Match Technology is also known as a biofeedback device that can be used in Medicine, Sports & Fitness and nutrition expertise. Scan is available in-person, and now remotely using Sound Technology.



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