Ulysses Angulo, ND, IfHI


Ulysses Angulo
Ulysses Angulo is a Fellow at the Institute for Human Individuality (IfHI), Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), Master Face, Toung, Nail Analyst (MFTN) and founder of Biostar Organix Healthcare Association in 2009 and teaches courses to is it members and licensed health care professionals alike.  


Ulysses Angulo offers consultations in his Eagle Rock neighborhood office as well as in other cities. Effective February 21, 2011, the consultation fees are the following:

Email consultation – FREE with membership 
First Visit COMPREHESIVE - $250 – FREE (30min) Followup*
Health Consulation Visits  – $80 – FREE (30min) Followup*

* Within 3 weeks of paid visit.

Mentorship – $2500 Annual with membership 

A consultation generally lasts from a half hour to two hours (comprehensive).


Hollywood - (Business Hours): (book here)

Eagle Rock - (After Hours): (book here)

Korea Town - (Monday Only): (book here)


We accept, Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

Text or Leave a Message at (818)851-1422

As a member, follow-up consultations are not necessary – just go to our STORE: - ask for advice – we will call or email you to review your request/

An individualized approach to the patient is a key to unlocking many of the latent healing powers of the body. It allows the physician the ability to treat the patient, not the disease, a tenet of healing wisdom as ancient as its source, the great physician Hippocrates. Under the guidance of Health Specialist Ulysses Angulo, patients enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge research and treatment while also receiving compassionate care and support.

Whether you are interested in improving your health by refining the techniques described in Eat Right 4 Your TypeThe GenoType Diet or plan to use our resources to assist you in fighting a chronic disease, the Personalized Nutrition in Eagle Rock, California healthcare office is ready to help.

Our facility blends time-honored natural healing techniques with state-of-the-art diagnostics and proprietary software personally written by DIACOM to develop a bioenergetic tailored health plan specific for each patient.

The main objective of the of systems is to develop in-depth analysis of the human body. To do this, specialists have been investigating many types of diagnostic techniques for analyzing and assessing the state of the organism. Diagnostic mechanisms were produced across a wide variety. One of the most common methods of analysis and assessment of the human body, including of private doctors, was the method of nonlinear analysis, or NLS-diagnostics.

We take special pride in the level of follow-up care and support provided to our patients. We have an extensive network of referrals to other health professionals if needed. Our dispensary features many unique and personalized formulations which have been designed specifically for our patients. Our goal is to treat our patients as we ourselves would wish to be treated. We accept only as many patients as allow us to maintain our standards. Most major health conditions and all age groups are seen.

A prospective member of BioStar Organix can choose to schedule a one-time appointment or elect to develop a direct one-to-one mentorship with Ulysses Angulo, FIfHI, MFTN, CNHP in private practice.