Energetix, Throat Spray Tone (2 oz.)


Throat Spray Tone is a homeopathic spray designed for use on irritated and fatigued throats, providing both fast-acting and long-term relief. 

One of the first lines of defense our body has against invading microbes or germs is through our nose, mouth and throat. Often our first signal of overexertion or infection is a “tickle” in our throat. Energetix’ Throat Spray Tone is a homeopathic spray designed to provide soothing relief to irritated or raw throats, as well as to provide protection against infection. At the first hint of throat discomfort, vocal fatigue or coughing, Throat Spray Tone can be used to sooth the throat and fortify the body. Many report that it has helped them to fend off infection when used as soon as they feel something coming on.

Throat Spray Tone comes in a handy 2-ounce spray bottle that can easily be carried to meetings, speeches, classroom, etc., to help ease a ticklish throat, sore throat or cough, whatever the cause. 

Suggested Usage: 3 sprays 4 – 6 times daily, or as directed.

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