Results RNA

Results RNA, Allergy Season Care Spray (2oz)


Results RNA, Allergy Season Care Spray (2oz)

Allergy Season Care Extra Strength

Effective allergy season relief

Want healthy relief without drugs and side effects? There is no reason to needlessly suffer. Allergy Season Care Extra Strength Extra Strength provides soothing and immediate relief in a great tasting spray. Reclaim your enjoyment of the great outdoors and even furry pets indoors. Allergy Season Care Extra Strength contains powerful antioxidants and herbal decongestants needed to boost your natural immunity during all seasons and conditions of allergic response.

People who use Allergy Season Care Extra Strength rave about how it works. Try Allergy Season Care Extra Strength and rave a little yourself!

Results RNA® Intra-oral sprays provide a new age in nutritional supplementation. Enjoy instant absorption and profound efficacy. No more swallowing capsules or pills. Just spray, swish and swallow. Simple and refreshing, Allergy Season Care Extra Strength has a mild, pleasant taste with a hint of natural mint.

C.M. Scott, M.D. age 79 
“I noticed immediate improvement in my severe allergy symptoms with the use of Allergy Season Care Extra Strength. In just a few minutes, my red, itchy, watery eyes cleared and I could breathe! I am thrilled with these results and highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from allergy symptoms.” 

T.L. age 47 
“I have terrible allergy symptoms every spring. My symptoms include itchy, red, eyes, stuffy nose and scratchy throat. It’s also difficult to sleep at night due to nasal congestion and coughing resulting from post-nasal drip. The first night I used Allergy Season Care Extra Strength, I was able to sleep because I could breathe and had no cough! In the morning my eyes were clear and not itchy. I could not believe a natural product could be this effective, this quickly, and thankfully with no side-effects.”


Formula derived using a proprietary selective nutrient extraction process with ultra-distilled water, Peppermint Leaf (Mentha x piperita), Burdock Root (Arctium lappa), Eyebright Herb (Euphrasia officinalis), Blessed Thistle Herb (Cnicus benedictus), Angelica Root (Angelica archangelica), Devil’s Claw Root (Harpagophytum procumbens) and Advanced Cellular Minerals.
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