Energetix, Rescue Calm (2 oz.)


Rescue Calm is a homeopathic flower essence remedy designed to provide emotional support for stress, shock and trauma. 

Homeopathic flower essences were discovered by the British physician Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Disillusioned with the standard medical practices of his time, Dr. Bach rediscovered the healing nature of plants and homeopathy while living in the English countryside. It was during his time in the country that he began to develop his philosophy of the relationship between specific flowers and emotions. From these observations he wrote his first book, Heal Thyself, and the practice of homeopathic flower essences was born.

Rescue Calm contains a combination of four spe- cific flower essences for emotional support during or after an emergency situation which causes shock/ trauma or fright. This remedy is also helpful for stress in general. Four flower essences have been included 

in this remedy based on the Bach flower principles as follows: Cherry Plum has been included to provide relaxation in stressful situations; Impatiens assists the body in letting go of intolerance and irritation, to experience patience and acceptance; Rock Rose stimulates courage when facing challenges; Star of Bethlehem provides tranquility so shock, trauma and grief can be released.


30 drops orally twice daily, or as directed.

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