Energetix, ReHydration (2 oz.)


ReHydration is a homeopathic remedy designed to as- sist the body with the deep absorption and utilization of water. 

You’ve probably heard that our bodies are over 80% water, yet ironically most people are chronically dehydrated. Yes, we drink plenty of fluids in this country, but sodas, coffee, tea, sports drinks and even fruit and vegetable juices do not supply the body with the hydration it needs for optimal function – the body needs pure water! Imagine taking a shower in soda or sports drink – it wouldn’t make you very clean would it? It’s the same thing for your insides; pure water gives the body an internal shower and keeps things clean and flowing. However, if you haven’t been drinking enough water and suddenly decide to start, your body will have a hard time absorbing it. It’s a lot like trying to water a dried up houseplant – it leaks out most of the water we give it. Our cells are the same, if they have not had enough water over a period of time, they cannot open up and absorb it right away and they need some extra help.

The ingredients in ReHydration work homeopathically to turn on the body’s internal communication system and help the cells absorb and efficiently utilize water again to the greatest advantage. Many people experience a noticeable difference in energy levels, relaxation, skin texture, and concentration after just a few doses of the product. Put simply, ReHydration “makes your water wetter.”

DO NOT TAKE SUBLINGUALLY! Add 15 drops per liter of water, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Shake well.

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