Orgone Pendant, Seed of Life inside Flower of Life for Healers (Big Size)


This orgonite is made from 5 different types of crystals:

Big size pendant (5 cm / 2 inch) – HEALERS SPECIAL EDITION
Inside this orgone pendant is also , 24 kt gold and SBB COIL for maximal possible effect.
This hand-crafted orgone pendant is made with a lot of love and positive energy . Every stone inside were cleansed, recharged and programmed with 528hz (Ancient Solfeggio DNA Repair) Tuned Pipe & 4096hz (Angel Frequency) Crystal Tuning Fork…

This is very powerful and unique state of the art spiritual device.

Om (or AUM) is the sacred syllable of hinduism and represents God or Brahman – the source of all existence.

This great mantra is intoned every moment of the night and day by the Sun throughout the cosmos, giving life and vitality unto the many mansions of god’s kingdom! It was realized by the ancients that the closest thing to god that man could possibly conceive was the great Sun of our solar system. This Great, most holy being was regarded by them as a Living Intelligence that was selflessly giving its every etheric breath or prana into the cosmos to assist countless lifestreams in their journey through evolution.
From the Sun came this ancient and yet most modern cosmic vibration – which is actually the sound created by the pranic forces energizing the great system and even beyond.

Each product is created with love and devotion. Each element inside the orgone matrix is blessed recharged and programed with intent to heal and protect anyone who use it.


Gift Wrapping: Available


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