Marcus Shumway, ND

Welcome to This website is the online voice of Dr. Marcus Shumway, N.D., and is an educational resource about that 35 feet of tubing from your mouth to your anus. In other words, Lighthouse 4 Health is a guide for the holistic plumber.

Dr. Shumway received a Doctor of Naturopathic Health Ministry from Trinity College and a Doctor of Naturopathy from Central State College of Health Science. He is an ordained Minister, a Mechanical Therapist and a Health Specialist. He has authored books, articles in various health magazines, and papers. Dr. Shumway is Co-President of the International Association of Microscopists, is an educator and lectures in the fields of Microscopy, Iridology, Biological Ionization, Body Mechanics, Auriculotherapy, and Diet and Nutrition.  He is founder of Lighthouse Health Ministry, which educates and helps people regain their health through diet, nutrition and exercise.

The articles written by Dr. Shumway are based on his experiences as Health Professional. His articles are his opinion, backed up with books and websites to read so that the reader can formulate their own opinion of the article. Feel free to express your thoughts and opinions. Clarity should always be the main intent of any discussion. Please respect that and hopefully everyone can learn from this website.