Energetix, Lotus Vessel - Urinary Bladder (2 oz.)


*** Discontinued line of Chinese Spagyric Botanicals

A Spagyrically* processed botanical blend based upon the traditional Chinese formula which supports the urinary bladder system.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has relied for centuries upon some basic herbal formulas for their therapies. Each formula has a specific area of the body which it is designed to support and nourish. Energetix has created Lotus Vessel, a Spagyric version of the Chinese formula for urinary bladder support. This organ system is responsible for holding and releasing unneeded fluid and aiding in elimination. When there is infection or inflammation in this system, symptoms of pain upon urination, urgency to urinate, and general discomfort may appear. The ingredients in Lotus Vessel have been used in TCM for centuries to maintain normal urinary bladder function.

As a dietary supplement take 30 drops orally (in wa- ter or juice, if desired) twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Shake well.

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