Orgone Pendant, Dolphins and the Soothing Power of Five – Mandala by Gail Alexander

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  • Orgone Pendant, Dolphins and the Soothing Power of Five – Mandala by Gail Alexander
  • Orgone Pendant, Dolphins and the Soothing Power of Five – Mandala by Gail Alexander
  • Orgone Pendant, Dolphins and the Soothing Power of Five – Mandala by Gail Alexander


Dolphins and the Soothing Power of Five – by Gail Alexander

This orgonite is coded with information and energies of Atlantis. This orgonite is softer and more nurturing while still containing the higher frequency energies. This orgonite contains Larimar the dolphin stone.

Larimar is also known as the Dolphin Stone, Blue Pectolite, Atlantis Stone, and Stefilia’s Stone.
Larimar is a high vibration stone that connects to both the Thymus (2nd Heart) and Throat Chakras. It is often used in self-healing or laying-on of stones. Larimar is a stone of communication, clarity and truth. It brings calm and balance to any situation, removing stress and negativity. Larimar will help to embrace change and move through the process effortlessly.
Larimar resonates with the gentle, soothing energy of water, bringing a sense of tranquility and a reminder to “go with the flow”. It carries a strong energetic connection to Dolphins and the sea.
Larimar is a nurturing stone, which stimulates the process of healing to body, mind and soul. Larimar can assist in identifying and understanding behavior, caused by old patterns/programs that effectively sabotage the self, and allow for their release.
Larimar helps to achieve a deep meditative state, a connection with higher vibrational energy that enhances communication with angels, guides, guardians and source.
Larimar can assist with chemical imbalances, mood disorders and fights infection. Use Larimar in healing layouts or grids.

Gail Alexander – Artist, Therapist, and Energy Worker. Gail draws upon the healing arts she has studied to create energy infused images. Each image is hand drawn and holds a specific frequency and vibration derived from the principles of sacred geometry, universal knowledge, love, and light. The medium Gail most prefers is colored pencils on paper. When Gail draws she allows the colors, images, and energy to create the mandala. Each picture is started in the middle working its way out.
Gail also works as an energy worker incorporating the many healing arts she is trained in: Reiki, Angelic Healing Fire, Quantum Touch, DNA Theta Healing, EFT, Akashic Records, and Arch (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing).

This orgonite is created with love and devotion. Each element inside the orgone matrix is blessed recharged and programed with intent to heal and protect anyone who use it.

This orgonite is made from 8 different types of crystals:

+++ sand crystals from SAHARA DESERT

SIZE: 3,5 cm
Inside this orgone pendant is also , 24 kt gold and SBB COIL for maximal possible effect.
This hand-crafted orgone pendant is made with a lot of love and positive energy . Every stone inside were cleansed, recharged and programmed with 528hz (Ancient Solfeggio DNA Repair) Tuned Pipe & 4096hz (Angel Frequency) Crystal Tuning Fork…

This is very powerful and unique state of the art spiritual device.


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