High Vibration Jewelry

High Vibration Jewelry

refanalaslider-2d.jpgPlease understand that this is not a commercial production, indeed these are unique, artistic, state of the art spiritual devices, and they need a lot of time and devotion for creation. Please allow 1 weeks for the creation.

All products in this web shop are made with intent to help and heal people…

All the orgonites are built only with precious metals for highest possible results(COPPER, SILVER, GOLD). Also each one of them is made by crystal clear special epoxy so the maximum pressure for piezoelectric effect is created inside the orgone matrix.

Custom made healing orgonites are most powerful of all, because they are made with specific focused intent to help you overcome mental and physical illnesses or any other desires to manifest in the physical world ;)

For custom made healing orgonites you need to provide me at least with your name and date of birth, more information you gave me about yourself, more powerful the orgonite can be. I can program each one of the crystal, with my intent focused on your needs.