Energetix, Flora Synergy (60 capsules)


A probiotic in spore form – friendly bacteria for the digestive tract which encourages the growth of many other “good bacteria” in the system.

A healthy immune system is made up of hundreds of different types of essential immune bacteria. In order for them to thrive, it is helpful to have a base of “good bacteria” which encourages their continued proliferation. Flora Synergy and Flora Chewable contain a unique probiotic that is designed to create an environ- ment which may allow the body’s own good immune bacteria to multiply and thrive.

Flora Synergy and Flora Chewable contain the pro- biotic Lactobacillus sporogenes in a protective spore form that can survive stomach acid, heat and antibiotics – no refrigeration is required! Once this probiotic reaches the intestinal tract it multiplies and creates an environment for continued digestive and immune system health.

Flora Synergy – 2 capsules three times daily 20 minutes before meals, or as directed
Flora Chewable – 1 wafer twice daily 20 minutes before meals, or as directed

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