Energetix, Core Echinacea (2 oz.)


Energetix Core Echinacea is a foundational botanical remedy.

A few highlights of this valuable herb include:

  • Supports healthy immune response, which in turn affects normal system functions
  • Liquid form is easy to assimilate for adults and children
  • Pure, high quality, concentrated, and bioavailable

CoreEchinaceis a staple botanical remedy that is useto help support healthy

immune response, which in turn affects normal system functions. It is delivered in a liquidform that is easyto assimilate and may be usedfor adults and children.

CoreEchinaceis derived from the aerial part of the herb echinacea. Echinacea, also known as the purple coneflower,is commonly knownfor its immune-modu- lating properties.Aswe know, the immune system is responsiblefor defending the body against antigens, such as the ones that induce colds, the flu,infections, and allergies. Echinacea affects the immune-modulating activityby generating an acute-phase response in cells. The acute-phase response isa complex, systemic early-defense system of the body activatedby triggers such as trauma, stress, or infection.1Echinacea has been traditionally usedto promote the body’s abilityto regulate microbial balance, affecting digestive, urinary, and respiratory function.

It has also been used asa vulnerary (wound-healing) remedy

CoreEchinaceis prepared usinga unique, hand-crafted method known as Spagyric processing. During this process, raw materials are separated into their constituent parts. As the constituents go through the process, thewater-soluble, oil-soluble, non-mineral, and mineral parts of the plant areextracted. These parts are then reunited into one substance. The end result isa pure, highquality, concentrated, and bioavailable product.


Ingredients :Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower)


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