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Eat Right 4 Your Type, Secretor Test Kit (Saliva)

Secretor Test Kit 1 Kit
Take the next step in understanding your genetic individuality through cutting-edge DNA analysis. 
You may already know your blood type, but did you know that some people secrete their blood type antigen into other body fluids such as saliva and tears? Scientists have determined that your secretor status - secretor or non-secretor - plays a profound role in your health and susceptibility to certain diseases including: diabetes, autoimmune diseases, fungal infections, and a host of other chronic health concerns. Knowing your secretor type empowers you to further refine your Blood Type Diet and take strategic control of your own wellness and lifestyle choices. 
Our single-use test Secretor Status Test Kit uses the latest in SNP genotyping to determine your FUT2 secretor status (secretor, or non-secretor). Simply swipe the cotton swab provided in the test kit along the inside of your cheek, insert the swab into our convenient packaging, attach the prepaid label, and send the specimen to our lab. You will receive your results within two weeks.
Order now and be empowered to change your genetic destiny.

This test will determine your secretor status (secretor or non-secretor) along with your ABO blood type and Rh factor (positive/negative). 

Deepen your understanding of your genetic individuality by learning your secretor status. Knowing your secretor status is a valuable piece of health information. It provides you with greater insight into your risk for certain health conditions and allows you to take steps to refine your food and supplement choices to enhance your health and well being. 

Secretors and Non-Secretors 

In a simplified sense, a secretor is defined as a person who secretes their blood type antigens into body fluids such as the saliva in your mouth, the mucus in your digestive tract and respiratory cavities, etc. Basically what this means is that a secretor has their blood type antigen in these body fluids. A non-secretor, on the other hand, puts little to none of their blood type antigen into these same fluids. As a general rule, in the U.S. about 20% of the population are non-secretors (with the remaining 80% being secretors). 

Non-secretors are known to have a higher frequency of:

  • Digestive Disorders
  • Ulcers
  • Celiac Disease
  • Tooth Decay
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic Syndrome X
  • Candida Infection
  • Urinary Tract Infections
The Secretor Test Kit provides everything needed to collect your blood sample for testing by D'Adamo Glycometrics including:
  • Detailed instructions and requisition form
  • FedEx 2 day shipping bag (shipping included in cost of kit)
  • Two lancets
  • Microtainer tube for blood collection
  • Glove, swab, gauze, and all necessary containers for shipping to D'Adamo Glycometrics
Using the provided lancet, you simply prick your finger and gently squeeze a few drops of blood into the tube and return the tube in the enclosed Fedex packaging. Please see our instructional video or call our customer service department with any questions or concerns at 877-226-8973. 

PLEASE NOTE: Specimens must be sent via Fedex on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday ONLY. To ensure accurate results, specimens sent on other days cannot be processed and no refunds will be given. The Lab Requires approximately 7 business days from the time your specimen is received at the Lab. Please allow sufficient time for this processing. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: No INTERNATIONAL or NEW YORK STATE orders. This Secretor Kit is only for United States residents excluding NEW YORK STATE. D'Adamo Glycometrics can not process orders for blood samples collected or shipped fromNEW YORK STATE.
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