Digital Meridian Imaging

Top 8 Problems Solved by Digital Meridian Imaging (AcuGraph)

According to a recent survey of AcuGraph users, here are the top 8 benefits of using AcuGraph:

  1. Confirms your diagnosis: AcuGraph provides objective evidence to confirm your other findings–and even gives you insights you may not have picked up!
  2. Captures potential patients: Could you use 10, 20, even 30 new patients next week? No, we’re not exaggerating. AcuGraph users get these kind of marketing results.
  3. Increases patient confidence: Patients love technology and evidence. AcuGraph provides the modern tools that build trust.
  4. Provides proof of acupuncture: Even patients who love acupuncture wonder how it works. AcuGraph visuals provide proof that acupuncture meridians are real, and that they respond to treatment.
  5. Increases patient referrals: Your patients won’t just talk about you; they’ll have something to show friends and family. The AcuGraph visual report is a proven referral magnet!
  6. Improves patient compliance: Just like in school, patients put in more effort when they know there will be a test. The AcuGraph exam shows you immediately how well the patient has complied with home care instructions.
  7. Bridges East and West: AcuGraph brings acupuncture out of the realm of mysterious and onto the solid foundation of scientific evidence patients expect.
  8. Improves patient retention: Do your patients tend to stop coming as soon as they feel better? AcuGraph evidence-based show patients how far they’ve come–and how far they still have to go. AcuGraph patients stay longer.


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