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 Diacom NLS Lite-FREQ-Utium (Pre-Owned)





The DIACOM-Lite-FREQ-USB device is registered and has obtained certification as a combined measurement device that measures the electromagnetic fields of low voltage and generator of low voltage of electromagnetic waves . The device has passed all tests, including electromagnetic security, environmental harmlessness and safety for people and animals.

Externally the device is a rectangular box with three LED indicators on the front panel and with three connectors from one side and connectors FREQ on the back panel. The dimensions of the body of the equipment are 156 x 180 x 36 mm . The set of equipment include, in addition to the main unit, electromagnetic Bioinductores, USB cable , electromagnetic Reprinter shaped as a glass and FREQ cables. The device delivers in a reusable cardboard box. Inside the main unit there are: radio-electronic panel with components - including a system of protection against hacking, system of communication with a personal computer, system for the generation and detection of low voltage electromagnetic fields and scheme for the generation of low voltage electromagnetic waves. The device is designed primarily to study the dependence and the influence of electromagnetic waves of low voltage in different areas of the environment of human beings and animals, as well as the impact of these fluctuations to the human body. The low voltage generator of electromagnetic waves that is available on the device while working can affect microorganisms and especially pathogens. The combination of these two technologies allows deeper influence of electromagnetic waves in different areas of the environment of human beings and animals. To perform these studies software can be used, which is freely available. In particular, DIACOM -MONITOR and DIACOM-GENERATOR are programs designed to work with this device.

To pair the device with your computer you need to download and install the driver.

Technical specifications of the device:

  • Power supply - USB- port on your computer.
  • Feeding voltage - 5 V;
  • Current consumption - up to 500 mA;
  • Range of evaluated frequencies 1Hz- 1MHz;
  • Superposition of mediated frequencies to the electromagnetic component - 5.5 GHz;
  • Range of frequencies generated - 1Hz -1MHz;
  • Interface speed - up to 1 MHz;
  • Bioinductores – passive;
  • Electromagnetic reprinter - active with a possible feedback


The Diacom is a team that works on the same physical principles used by the technology of nuclear magnetic resonance, in essence, the MRI makes use of "Electro Magnets" very large (reason for his size) with which apply magnetic pulses of very high intensity (1.5 teslas, 15,000 times the Earth's magnetic field) which allows des-alinear structures spin of subatomic particlesallowing you to make use of the physical principle of the second law of thermodynamics called "Entropy", which is what allows to measure the State of imbalance in matter, widely used in various industries around the world for countless applications.


 Equipment to the Noms also sends magnetic pulses (very low frequency) but with the exact frequency over which vibrates a given subject, in this case a specific cellular tissue vibrating to a length and breadth very specific, then if we have the exact of the liver cells frequency we can do these resonate and get information from only this type of fabricwithout applying these frequencies in general, allowing you to not be required as high intensity electromagnetic application by which the equipment comes built in a portable size.


In essence, we're talking of Biocommunication tissues cell phones that make up our bodies.


Today with that knowledge can be determined via the methods above, the status of a tissue response and determine its imbalance.


But the team goes far beyond, exists in the team what we call the scale of Fleinder which indicates the origin of the imbalance with connection for Embryological origin, lets you view the development of the pathological process in time, the current status, traces of previous pathological processes, the combination of different processes in one single.


It also allows to test drugs and see how they resonate in the patient and what percentage will work or not.


Additional mind equipment allows to apply therapeutic treatments through four proposals:


  1. Meta-Therapy, with which we send frequencies of healthy tissue to the patient, exert a stimulation to which seeks basically is to generate tissue reaction improving their compensatory responses, i.e. the same body healing through their same frequency stimuli.
  2.  FREQ-Thherapy Freq therapy that is very similar, but of much greater intensity, this in order to be applied, not human tissues but microorganisms that cannot tolerate its own vital frequency inverted and amplified and are destroyed.
  3. DC-Therapy isanother therapeutic application is the prepare medicines by sending information to water with alcohol or directly to the blood through a vessel of resonance.
  4. HOMEO-PRINTER - to print vibrations to water or pelletes of Homopaty, Rock or Plant Vibrations
  5. REMEDY Suggetion is the custom medication resonates properly with the patient suggesting the drug right from allopathy, homeopathy, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food and supplements as Tianshi, Natural Sunshine, Nutralife, etc.

Micro-frecuencias therapeutic program"DIACOM-FREQ"


Therapy of micro-frecuencias, or KVCh-therapy as it was called in Russia, although it is a relatively new method that is applied in the human body, its results are astonishing.

In the mid-sixties of the twentieth century, two Soviet scientists, N.D. Deviatkov academic and doctor in technical sciences M.B. Golant, to study the effect of the emission of electromagnetic waves (EOEM) in the millimeter range, they proposed the hypothesis that the emissions of the range between 30 and 300 GHz interact with living biological bodies.

Subsequently, researchers from Germany, France and other countries undertook similar experiments.

Scientists concluded that the effect of interaction between EOEM of millimeter range (mm) and living organisms areexplained by the fact that the millimetre emission is absorbed at the cellular level. Waves as a result produce a response of the living organism. However, the practical results of the use of millimeter waves in medicine were obtained only in 1971. This year, V. Nedzevetskiy, who was a candidate for the Chair of ophthalmology at the Institute of Medicine of the city of Odessa, motivated by the work of the Group Deviatkov - Golant, decided to treat trauma eye with millimeter-wave emissions. Findings were unusual: the wounds healed some times faster. The scientist, convinced that to deal with the problem in the qualified form, not enough only their medical knowledge, carried out the specialized course of radio-electronica in the electro technical Institute of communication of the city of Odessa. During the work on this issue, the applicant and its leader, Professor i. Cherkásov, drew up a series of methods and obtained excellent results in the treatment of different diseases. They called his method "Initiation by KVCh (extremely high frequency)" and protected it with the respective copyright.


Despite this, studies Denedzvetskiyresultaron be a fiasco.Result of intrigues of a group of senior officials of the Department doctor of Ukraine, KVCh-therapy laboratory was dismantled and the scientist was forced to leave Odessa. Scientists in the capital Kiev seized the laurels of the primacy in the development of the method in Ukraine.30 years have passed since then... In recent years, medical practice was included in broadly therapeutic treatment with the use of emission of electromagnetic waves (EOEM). Does already enough time, electromagnetic emission millimeter pitch or extremely high frequencies (KVCh) is object of great attention and clinical study.Currently already have been developed and are used in medical practice of KVCh-therapy equipment. These showed its high efficacy in the treatment of various somatic diseases and takeover of sets of estadosy symptoms. In practice it was found the great importance of the application of KVCh at specific points of the body.

The practice has also shown to increase the effectiveness of treatments with KVCh, should generate a interaction with the Agency, to the as that is made in traditional Chinese medicine. I.e., it is necessary to apply action on paragraphs biologically active (PBA) or other reflex zones.In this way, has accumulated experience in the use of broadcasts of millimeter waves in the biologically active points (PBA) and areas reflex for the treatment of different diseases (projections of major joints, Zajariev-Gued areas). However, these famous treatment techniques and equipments of KVCh-therapy did not allow to check radio-fisico on the reactions of the organism to the action of electromagnetic emissions. Evaluation of the reactions of the single organism was carried out indirectly, for example according to the clinical indicators, laboratory or subjective feelings of the patients, naturally limiting the possibility of optimization programs for treatment of different diseases.


Possibly very high therapeutic effectiveness of KVCh-therapy, mass-produced equipment, was not always due to the absence of objective dynamic indicators in the assessment of the condition of patients. In order to solve these problems, in 1993 it began research aimed at developing mainly new radio-electronica innovative teams to investigate the radio-respuesta of bodies and biological structures electromagnetic impulses and treatments with wide-band electromagnetic emissions. The method proved to be effective in the initial stages of the disease, cases of chronic diseases and the rehabilitation period. 


The use of electromagnetic emissions for correction of the functions of the human body led to devising and developing a new method of KVCh-therapy treatment. Is now a recognized fact that the efficacy of KVCh-therapy depends, mainly, the length of electro-magnetic waves emitted, modulating signals and the level of emitted power parameters. From some time now, different undulatory and oscillatory processes that arise during the vital activity of the organism have been widely used for diagnosis. Examples of this are the electrical activity of the brain (electro-encefalograma) or heart (electrocardiogram). At the same time, there is no doubt that the pathological processes in the cells that make up internal organs, are correlated with functional alterations resulting from these same bodies. For this reason, different diseases influence the way in which pass metabolic processes in cells initiating thus restructuring, or pathological changes, and changes in the spectra of their electromagnetic fields. It has been determined that points biologically active (those of acupuncture) and reflex zones are a kind of antennas that emit into outer space electro-magnetic signals of extremely low intensity and containing information about the course of metabolic processes in the cells of organs and correlated systems.


The program "DIACOM-FREQ" is a simplified complex frequencies application that makes it possible to select a set of 10 pairs of frequencies and the individual duration of therapy. Team brings together all the latest achievements in this area, and at the same time support programs, as well as all other programs APK "DIACOM", has the ability to be modified according to the needs of the user.




The Complete Package Comes with:

  • 1) Genuine DIACOM Hardware and Software
  • 1) Headstand, Clips and Cables, Manual (PDF)
  • 4) Hours of Training via Skype 
  • 3) Months Email Support

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