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Deseret Biological, Sinusitis (1 oz)


INDICATIONS: For temporary relief of symptoms related to sinusitis infection including sinus/nasal congestion, cough, earache, mucus congestion in the middle ear, sneezing and vaccination reaction.

DOSAGE: 8 to 10 drops three times daily. For acute symptoms 8 to 10 drops hourly until symptoms moderate. For children under 2 years use ½ the adult dose. In acute cases increase frequency to every ½ hour but for no more than 6 doses.


INGREDIENTS: Argentum Nitricum (10X), Natrum Muriaticum (12X), Euphorbium Officinarum (4X), Hepar Sulfuris Calcareum (10X), Luffa Operculata (Gourd) (6X), Mercurius Iodatus Ruber (8X), Mucosa Nasalis (8X), Plantago Major (3X), Pulsatilla (2X), Sinusitisinum (18X), Calcarea Carbonica (12X)

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