Deseret Biologicals

Deseret Biological, Lymph Drainage (2oz)


INDICATIONS:  For the cleansing, support, and stimulation of the lymphatic system to assist efficient detoxification of the body.

DOSAGE: Use one full dropper three times daily or as needed to assist lymphatic circulation.


INGREDIENTS: Scrophularia Nodosa (1X), Teucrium Scorodonia (1X), Baptisia Tinctoria (1x, 3X), Citrus Limonum (1X), Echinacea Angustifolia (1X), Phytolacca Decandra (3X), Lobelia Inflata (3X), Pinus Sylvestris (3X), Manganum Gluconicum (6X), Zincum Gluconicum (3X), Thuja Occidentalis (4X), Larch (Flower Essence) (8X), Centaury (Flower Essence) (8X), Hornbeam (Flower Essence) (8X), Capsicum Annuum (6X), Lymph (8X), Spleen (8X), Thymus (8X), Aranea Diadema (8X), Arsenicum Iodatum (8X), Lachesis Mutus (12X), Cuprum Glouconicum (6X)

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