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Twelve million Americans suffer from food allergies—abnormal immune responses to foods that typically result in immediate (and often severe) reactions. Even more common, and also more misunderstood, are food intolerances and sensitivities. In these reactions, different types of immune responses may result in delayed symptoms that aren’t easily associated with the food that triggered them—but that may contribute to more serious health issues. Traditional treatments of food allergies and sensitivities are time consuming and often complicated. They are uncomfortable for the patient, and require specialized training and skills for health care professionals.

A new protocol developed by Deseret Biologicals provides a broad-spectrum approach to assist in addressing hundreds of food sensitivities over a short period of time, packaged in a simple and easy-to-follow system.

Our Food Sensitivity Kits are intended to be taken sequentially as a complete series. The series consists of five kits, each containing three “phases”. Each phase consists of a single mix in four single-dose vials (for a total of twelve vials per kit). The mixes have been carefully composed to address the root issues related to food sensitivities, and contain plants, minerals and chemicals specific to particular types of foods. They also contain phenolics in homeopathic dilutions, giving them a range of coverage that is both specifically direct and broadly comprehensive.

QUANTITY: 5 boxes, 12 vials each. Kits 1-5 may also be ordered individually.


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