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D'Adamo Nutrition, Attentia (60 caps)


D'Adamo Nutrition, Attentia (60 caps)

60 Veggie Caps
Suggested Use: 
1 capsule, 2 times daily with food

Dr. D'Adamo formulated Attentia to help maintain healthy cognitive function in adults. Attentia is a blend of well-researched herbs that have demonstrated success in improving brain function in scientific studies. 

Our Attentia formula includes; Siberian ginseng, which studies suggest has the ability to improve memory and feelings of well-being, ginko leaf extract which has been shown to improve memory and speed neural processing time, grapeseed extract, a powerful anti-oxidant, and one of the only antioxidants that has the ability to cross the blood/brain barrier to protect neural tissue, and ashwagandha, that research shows stimulates acetylcholine receptor activity - scholars concluded that the increase of activity in that particular neurotransmitter could account for the increase in cognitive ability and memory that is attributed to ashwagandha. 

Cognitive performance: There is preliminary evidence that suggests Siberian ginseng might improve memory and feelings of well-being in middle-aged people. 

Age-related memory impairment: Taking ginkgo leaf extract orally seems to improve cognitive function in some elderly people with mild to moderate age-related memory impairment. Ginkgo leaf extract might modestly improve some measures of cognitive function, particularly short-term visual memory and possibly speed of cognitive processing, in non-demented patients with age-related memory impairment. 

Cognitive function: Taking ginkgo leaf extract orally seems to improve some measures of cognitive function in healthy young to middle-aged people. Ginkgo might modestly improve memory and speed of cognitive processing, including increasing speed of performance on factors assessing attention in people with no complaints of memory impairment. Lower doses of 120-240 mg per day seem to be as effective or more effective than higher doses up to 600 mg per day. 

Dementia: Taking ginkgo leaf orally seems to modestly improve symptoms of Alzheimer's, vascular, or mixed dementias. Studies lasting from 3 months to a year show that ginkgo leaf extract can stabilize or improve some measures of cognitive function and social functioning in patients with multiple types of dementia. Although there is one report with conflicting findings, the majority of evidence indicates that ginkgo leaf extract can be modestly helpful. Some researchers suggest that the improvement with ginkgo leaf extract is roughly equivalent to a six-month delay in disease progression. However, outcome studies have not yet verified ginkgo's effects on disease progression. Doses ranging from 120 mg to 240 mg daily have been beneficial after six to eight weeks of treatment. German practitioners consider ginkgo leaf extract the treatment of choice for dementia. However, ginkgo leaf extract has not been directly compared to conventional medicines for dementia. Improvement appears to be less than that found with the prescription drugs donepezil (Aricept), tacrine (Cognex), and other cholinesterase inhibitors. Consider ginkgo for patients who cannot take cholinesterase inhibitors. 

Stress: Some evidence supports ashwagandha having a so-called "anti-stressor" effect. Preliminary evidence suggests ashwagandha might suppress stress-induced increases of dopamine receptors in the corpus striatum of the brain. It also appears to reduce stress-induced increases of plasma corticosterone, blood urea nitrogen, and blood lactic acid. Ashwagandha might also have anxiolytic effects, possibly by acting as a gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) mimetic agent. It might also have anticonvulsant activity, by binding to the GABA receptor. 

Neural Protection: Grapeseed Extract, which is high in Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC's or PCO's), is a powerful antioxidant which can reduce the damage done by free radicals, strengthen and repair connective tissue, and promote enzyme activity. OPC's can also help moderate allergic and inflammatory responses by reducing histamine production. PCO is one of the few antioxidants that cross the blood/brain barrier to protect neural tissue.

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