Coway, 5 Step Water Filtration System - Under Sink Appliance


Are you looking for a better in-home drinking water solution? Did you know that even after using today's water filters there are hundreds of toxins still in your drinking water? The COWAY professional series of water filtration ellimates nearly all toxins and impurities from your tap, resulting in refreshing, healthy water high in alkaline!

Powerful 5-stage filtration system - A solution that works even in areas with poor water quality

Coway’s superior RO filter technology even filters out heavy metals

Coway's Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane filter removes even heavy metals from your drinking water. RO virtually eliminates all particulate matter from bacteria to articulate even smaller than water molecules. RO is the ultimate solution to assured purity!

This system is available for purchase or lease program directly through COWAY. The lease includes free installation of the product, yearly maintenance, and replacement of filters. Email for more information about purchase/lease.


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