Energetix, Core Mycelia Blend (2 oz.)


Core Mycelia Blend is a Spagyric formula that contains a combinations of six medicinal mushrooms and Astragalus. These mushrooms have been used for centuries by the Chinese where they are highly prized for their support of the immune system and other health benefits. Modern science has found evidence that their components may support immune response.In today’s world, we are continually confronted with stress – be it physical, mental or emotional. Core My- celia Blend is formulated with ingredients that have been used to help the body cope with stress by fortifying and supporting the immune system. The body is designed brilliantly to be in balance and the immune system is vital to maintaining this balance, which makes Core Mycelia Blend a remedy to consider when we need help meeting the demands of the day.

Red Reishi is the main ingredient in Core Mycelia Blend and has been studied at great length due to its reputation as a nourishing mushroom with a variety of organ-supportive benefits. Historically, it has been used for supporting normal liver, kidney and circulatory function; for encouraging normal inflammatory response, supporting the lungs

and normal digestive function. Another main ingredient is Cordyceps, which has a reputation as a regulator in the body and has been used by herbal- ists to help the body maintain its natural resistance to stressors. The other ingredients in the formula are Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake, Silver Ear, and Astragalus. These have been included for their traditional use in maintaining normal immune response.As a dietary supplement, take 30 drops orally (in water or juice if desired) twice daily or as directed by your healthcare professional. Shake well.

Consult your healthcare professional if you are preg- nant or nursing.

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