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The Preventative Diagnostic Kit (PDK) Color Wheel was designed to provide a quick, simple, and easy way of identifying one's health condition using the fingernail and tongue analysis method. 

The Fingernail and Tongue Analysis Method

For almost half a century, the Chi family doctors studied and compiled the records of more than 10,000 patients around the world. Careful observation led them to indentify the figernails and the tongue as major markers correlative to health conditions.

This method of identifying patient's health conditions with an accuracy rate of 80% is quick, and results can be obtained far before traditional tests can be returned from labs, allowing for early treatment. 

The system is based on fingernail and tongue analysis in the context of identifying health conditions. By looking at either the fingernails or the tongue, or a combination of both, the alternative medicine doctors at Chi's Enterprises can associate the symptom to one (or more) of the five different major organs in the human body: the liver, the heart, the spleen, the lungs, and the kidneys. 

How to use the PDK Color Wheel 

Disc A is the smaller, top disc. It has seven different colors and indicates body characteristics: very cold, slightly cold, hot, very hot, etc. 

Disc B is the larger, bottom disc. It has an outter rim of seven different colors, and a description of fingernail markings on the outter rim, and symptoms and suggestions  that can be seen through the window in Disc A. 

To use the Preventative Diagnostic Color Wheel, you will begin by identify your lunulae: the crescent, half-moon shape marking typically found at the base of a fingernail and usually whitish in color. 

1. Examine all fingers to determine lunulae (crescent shaped white markings) on fingernails. 

2. Using Disc B, locate the description that most matches your lunulae on your nails as it appears on the outside edge of the outter disc.

  • • There are 7 possible matches for fingernail lunulae markings. 
  • • Example: Only thumbs have lunulae, no lunulae at all, pinkies have small lunulae, etc. 
  • • Notice the colored strip above the description that best matches your fingernails. 

3. Rotate Disc A (the smaller, top disc) until the color on the outside edge of Disc A is lined up and matching to the color on the outside edge of Disc B. 

4. Once you have matched up the color from Disc A to Disc B, the window in Disc A will reveal the symptoms most likely associated with your body characteristic, and suggestions for food, drinks, and herbal supplements needed by that body type to achieve balance. The window in Disc A will also have a description of tongue marks, or teethmarks usually found on the tongue and/ or cheeks for your body characteristic. 

About Body Characteristics

Body characteristics are classified as cold (Yin), hot (Yang), or mixed (Yin changing to Yang). Herbal remedies may be used to combat lack of Yin (cold) or Yang (hot) to promote a more balanced system. 

Very Cold Body Characteristics Include:

  • • Pale, shallow complexion
  • • Fatigued
  • • Numbness
  • • Low immunity
  • • Poor digestion
  • • Frequent urination
  • • Female problems
  • • Chronic sinusitis
  • • Gastroentitus

Cold Body Characteristics Include:

  • • Easily fatigued
  • • Likes to sleep
  • • Feels cold all the time
  • • Cold hands and feet
  • • Dislikes cold drinks
  • • Poor digestion
  • • Lower immunity
  • • Tendencies towards gastrointitis, sinusitis

Slightly Cold Body Characteristics Include:

  • • Shuddering from cold
  • • Likes hot or warm food
  • • Ocassionally has poor digestion

Hot and Cold Mixed Body Characteristics Include:

  • • Upper body is hot, lower body is cold
  • • Second stage is same as "hot" type, last stage is same as "cold" type- ie. likes hot food & drinks

Slightly Hot Body Characteristics Include:

  • • Dry throat and mouth
  • • Occasional dizziness 
  • • Occasional constipation and poor digestion
  • • Occasionally likes cold drinks

Hot Body Characteristics Include: 

  • • Anxious, always excited
  • • Sometimes dry mouth and throat
  • • Ocassional dizziness
  • • Constipation
  • • Likes cold food and drinks

Very Hot Body Characteristics Include:

  • • Reddish face, flushes easily
  • • Very strong
  • • High energy
  • • Restless, hyper, loud voice
  • • Occasional dizziness
  • • Likes to live in cold conditions
  • • Likes open windows
  • • Wears minimal clothing
  • • Dry throat & mouth
  • • Likes cold drinks
  • • Easily constipated

The suggestions found on the Preventative Diagnostic Kit for your body characteristic are made to help restore balance to those needing balance for their Yin (cold) or Yang (hot) body characteristics, including the recommended Chi's Enterprises herbal tonics. 

According to the Chi family Doctors, studies show that 80% of cancer patients have cold type body characteristics. Those originally with hot/ cold mixed type characteristics that become cold types are at greater risk of developing cancer, according to 40 years of Chi's research. Those with cold type characteristics lack oxygen circulation and have low immunity. Such symptoms suggest possible health problems. Utilizing the recommendations found on the Preventative Diagnostic Kit Color Wheel may help restore balance to the body and possibly prevent future problems. 

This kit is essential for those engaged in diagnostic and preventative medicine. If you think you may be at risk for a health condition or disease, please see your health practitioner. 

About Chi's Enterprise, the company

Eastern alternative medicine meets western science at Chi's Enterprise.

Founded in 1986 by Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi, Chi's Enterprise is a well-respected leader in Herbal Alternative Medicine, offering sound, research-based supplements to people worldwide.

Dr. Chi received medical training in China and earned his PhD in Biochemistry from Rutgers University in 1978. He is also a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician.

Dr. Chi's research background includes infectious disease research at Squibb, new cancer drug research and studies at Warner Lambert/Parke-Davis, as well as Omicron's lab director in the fields of cancer, vaccines and atherosclerosis. 

Rest assured, Chi's product formulations are designed using both eastern and western healthcare methodologies, to help you achieve optimum health naturally.


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