Biostar-NEX, MagnaZap (Pocket)

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  • Biostar-NEX, MagnaZap (Pocket)
  • Biostar-NEX, MagnaZap (Pocket)


Bostar-NEX, MagnaZap (Pocket Edition)magna-zapper-on-arm.jpg

This simple Clark zapper does everything you expect from a Hulda Clark Zapper with the added convenience that it can be worn around the arm or leg. Clark Zappers are effective within a frequency range from 10 - 30,000 Hz but we found that the lower 15Hz gives us deeper penetration and kills parasites in the intestines more reliably.

This simple little parasite Clark zapper can be conveniently worn on arm or leg

Specifications of the simple parasite zapper:

  • 15Hz pulsed direct current
  • 2 copper skin contact electrodes attached to box (no cumbersome hand held zapper electrodes needed)
  • 9V rectangular battery (due to airline restrictions we can not send the 9v battery with the zapper)
  • DC input (up to 12V) can be operated from wall transformer (optional)
  • 2.5mm microphone jack for pulsed DC output


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