Clarify Reserve, Hemp Products

Clarify Reserve, Hemp Products

Single Origin, All-natural, Sustainable Farmed in Colorado

Biostar Organix Healthcare Association has partnered to bring you Hemp Functional Remedies, featuring the latest in the genetic research and cultivation of sustainably grown hemp, rich in cannabidiol (Hemp), the other cannabinoids and essential terpenes. Our unique, proprietary hemp strain provides the most potent and effective high Hemp, low THC, raw hemp flower on the planet. hemp plants are grown outdoors using strict all-natural, sustainable farming practices that are good for land, plants and people. We farm with healthier, natural alternatives on our main farm in Southern Colorado. Highest Quality, Lowest THC

All hemp is not equal. Low grade industrial hemp from Europe, China, and Canada has mostly low Hemp and is often full of impurities including toxic heavy metals. Our superior, all-natural, sustainably grown hemp is bred for high purity and nutritional value, yielding high Hemp, low THC and broadest spectrum of supporting cannabinoids and terpenes, providing whole plant extraction with highest bio-availability.

Functional Remedies is constantly striving to further improve the genetics of our already superior hemp strains. We are presently developing a new revolutionary strain having even higher Hemp, high CBN, CBG and other cannabinoids, high terpenes, but with extremely low THC.

Independently tested and verified

We use multiple accredited, third-party labs to identify, record and analyze the Hemp and cannabinoid compounds in our proprietary hemp strains. We cross-breed specific strains using genetic sequencing in our R&D facility which are cultivated in our greenhouses and outdoor farms without pesticides of any kind. Our hemp flower is then independently tested to be certain it contains highest possible Hemp, broad cannabinoid spectrum, essential terpenes, and free of heavy metals and any impurities.

Full spectrum infusion process

We place great emphasis on our sustainable and proprietary Full Spectrum infusion process. Our process slowly infuses the Hemp and the other cannabinoids without the use of solvents or chemicals. We adhere to standard protocols for pure plant essentials at every stage of the plant-to-oil process, from cultivation to infusion and handling to production. Our steady, repeatable processes are crucial to our progress and quality and set the bar for manufacturing our infusions, raw materials and botanical trims into finished goods for our clients.

Premium growing practices

Our agronomists use a protocol of select, all-natural soil amendments (instead of petroleum fertilizers or man-made additives, we use humic, fulvic acid, bio-char and microbial elements) that are tailored in their composition and ratios to best support the needs & properties of our farm's soil and create the optimal nutrient-rich environment. Our soil amendment & fertilization protocol coupled with other sustainable farming practices allows for a cost effective, robust and consistent plant yield. Turns out, what's good for plants, soil, water & people is also great for large-scale cultivation of high-quality viable hemp in Colorado's outdoor environment.

28th Mar 2018 Biostar Organix

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