LactoFlor, Helico Protect (15 capsules)

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  • LactoFlor, Helico Protect (15 capsules)
  • LactoFlor, Helico Protect (15 capsules)



Each of us has experienced gastrointestinal discomfort in our daily lives - mild malaise, stomach ache before and after eating, bloating, heartburn, bad breath, reflux, and more. Symptoms we often overlook or associate with seasonal virus, spicy or poor-quality food. Very often people ignore these ailments or do not even know that they may be related to Helicobacter pylori - a "bad" microorganism that once gets into our body, settles permanently in the stomach and is often the cause of a number of health problems we can't talk about.

In Bulgaria there is already an alternative therapy - LactoFlor Helico Protect. A special nutritional supplement that helps naturally reduces the amount of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach and affects inflammation.

What is Lactoflor Helico Protect?

A new probiotic product from selected and non-viable cells of the patented Lactobacillus reuteri - Pylopass® strain. This micro-organism has been identified as the result of a detailed multi-year study. L. reuteri has been found to bind to Helicobacter pylori by a specific mechanism and they form coaggregates. After coaggregation in the stomach, the newly formed mechanical compound is removed from the body through the digestive tract.

The compound - Zn - L - carnosine added to LactoFlor Helico Protect helps to protect wounds and gastric ulcers. For the first time, Japanese researchers have created a unique combination of Zn-L-carnosine against gastric ulcers. There is scientific evidence to suggest that Zn - L - carnosine may:

• Attaches to the gastric wall much more firmly than each of the two substances separately, allowing their beneficial effects to be exercised more effectively
• Suppresses gastric inflammation and excretion. Helicobacter pylori-induced cytokines
• Accelerates the removal of the infection itself, breaking the chain of infection - inflammation

• Helps to prevent H. pylori levels in the stomach
• Zn-L-carnosine synergistically suppresses gastric inflammation and helps prevent gastric ulcers
• Has no known side effects and does not affect the human microbiota
• Does not affect antibiotic intake
• Convenient daytime intake

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