Energetix, AminoGest (180 capsules)


AminoGest is a dietary supplement that contains a unique, concentrated form of amino acids from clean, lean, deep-ocean Whitefish Protein to assist with maintaining healthy gut function.

First of all, it is important to understand that the body has a limited ability to utilize protein if the digestive system is compromised. Protein plays an important role in repairing weak or damaged tissue through- out the body including the digestive system and the gut. What makes this form of protein unique? The concentrated Whitefish Protein in AminoGest goes through a special fermentation process, similar to fermenting milk to make yogurt, which is designed to breakdown the proteins into a more digestible form, therefore making it immediately available to assist in enhancing normal gut function. A healthy gut/digestive system benefits the entire body from head to toe! 

3 - 6 capsules twice daily, or as directed.


Rosemary and Lemon extract have been included to assist with eliminating any “ocean” odor, but to further assist in neutralizing the odor you can store the bottle in the freezer.

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