Alternative Care



Knowing the biology of the polymorphisms defining the metabolic and signaling pathways associated with an intervention, and the imbalance or pathology it treats, is potentially of immediate benefit to the patient. 

Integrative pharmacogenomics studies the true diversity of responders and therefore leads to personalized treatment regimens that ensure the administration of the right treatment for the right person at the right time. Fundamentals of Generative Medicine, topics include: 

  • Epigenetic and environmental influences on phenotype
  • Developmental origins of disease
  • Network medicine
  • Living systems analysis
  • Historical basis of variation
  • Morphometrics and dermatoglyphics
  • Molecular glycomics
  • Archeogenetics
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Polymorphisms and individuation
  • Nutrient control of gene expression
  • Self-organization and emergence as molecular vitalism
  • Glycogonjugates and oncology

BioStar Organix Healthcare

  • To promote compassionate and effective treatments for disease and disharmony in a Wholistic manner.
  • To ease suffering in a caring and expedient manner to the best of my ability .
  • To promote harmony and balance of the Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit. 
  • To treat the Whole person.
  • To do no harm
  • To promote my practice with professionalism, accountability, integrity, and a continuous striving for improvement and excellence in the healing that I offer.
  • To work in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork, with each client and with other healers.
  • To promote and encourage the pursuit of knowledge, research, and personal responsibility.
  • To continuously strive to discover and develop the best possible healing activities.
  • To share my knowledge without reserve for the purpose of healing.
  • To continuously promote good health and spiritual harmony.
  • To pursue, without reserve, my own healing and spiritual journey so that I may serve better.
  • To honour the precept that all true healing is healing of the Spirit.