Zhang, HerbSom, (350 mg) 60 capsules

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Dr. Zhang's HerbSom Formulas Try an herbal product from Dr Zhang called Herbsom. Widely used in China for centuries. It consists of Corydalis, Zizyphus, and Schizandra. In a 374 patient study, Herbsom was found to be statistically equivalent to methaqualone, an insomnia drug, but without adverse effects, hangover effect, or addiction. It also benefits the cardiological and neurological systems. Product Name:HerbSom Capsules (HP023) Product No:HP023 Ingredients: Corydalis root, jujube seeds and S.

Artemisiae Capsules: Extract of Artemesia annua, now the first choice worldwide for malaria treatment. Effective against the Lyme co-infection Babesiosis, which has malaria-like characteristics.

Extract of Artemesia annua (entire plant), red root, sage root, and astragalus root.

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