Zhang, Circluation-P (500 mg) 45 capsules

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Aids in several complications of Lyme disease

Circulation P Capsules: Herbal extracts to aid the microcirculation and promote the healing of inflamed tissue, normalize liver function, and normalize skin complications common in advanced Lyme disease.

Extract of Safflower flower, peach kernel, dong-quai root, cnidium root, raw rehmannia root, paeonia lactiflora pall root, achyranthes root, Chinese thoroughwax root, Chinese licorice root and balloon flower root.

Zhang Circluation-P, 500 mg, 45 capsules

Artemisiae Capsules: Extract of Artemesia annua, now the first choice worldwide for malaria treatment. Effective against the Lyme co-infection Babesiosis, which has malaria-like characteristics.

Extract of Artemesia annua (entire plant), red root, sage root, and astragalus root.

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