ecoNugenics, Breast Defend

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  • ecoNugenics, Breast Defend
  • ecoNugenics, Breast Defend


Healthy Immune & Hormonal Support

BreastDefend® has been formulated to provide optimal immune support in the areas of cellular health and hormonal balance.

Cellular health is supported by the inclusion of the patented form of turmeric called BCM-95® and Quercetin. The formula further supports breast cellular health with Scutellaria barbata and Astragalus membranaceus extracts—both time-tested herbs rich in active compounds such as saponins. The product’s hormonal support is based on the numerous studies which have demonstrated the protective powers of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and brussel sprouts, especially where breast health is concerned. This unique benefit is attributed to a compound called DIM (3,3’- diindolylmethane) known to promote healthy estrogen metabolism. Rounding this immune support formulation is the addition of three different species of botanically enhanced medicinal mushrooms—Phellinus linteus, Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) and Coriolus (Trametes versicolor). These mushrooms are carefully cultivated indoors by organic growers on a blend of immune supporting herbs and organic brown rice. This beneficial mushroom blend offers superior immune support.

Suggested Use 
As a dietary supplement: 

  • Active Support - take 1-4 capsules, two times daily with food or as directed by your healthcare professional.
  • Long-term Support – one cap¬sule, two times daily with food or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Free of Gluten, artificial flavors, preservatives or colors.

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