Deseret Biological, Mucous Membrane (1oz)

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The Mucous Membrane formula contains the sarcodes of key suis mucous membranes plus their supporting homeopathics and phenolics to facilitate the excretory breakdown products of allergenic substances. The homeopathics and bowel nosode support of the main homeopathics make this an all-inclusive formula to eliminate allergies related to poorly functioning mucous membranes unable to properly aid in the detox and drainage process.

INDICATIONS: Temporary relief of symptoms related to congestion of the many mucous membranes of the body including GI disturbance, chronic allergies, vascular disorders, anxieties and depression.


INGREDIENTS: Ceanothus Americanus (4X), Hydrastis Canadensis (4X), Veratrum Album (4X), Anacardium Orientale (6X), Argentum Nitricum (6X), Condurango (6X), Momordica Balsamina (6X), Oxalis Acetosella (6X), Pulsatilla (6X), Mannan (8X 30X 200X), Bile Duct Suis (8X ), Colon Suis (8X), Duodenum Suis (8X), Esophagus Suis (8X), Eye Mucosa Suis (8X), Gallbladder Suis (8X), Ileum Suis (8X), Intestine Suis ( 8X), Ipecacuanha (8X), Jejunum Suis (8X), Kali Bichromicum (8X), Lung Mucosa Suis (8X), Nasal Mucosa Suis (8X), Natrum Oxalaceticum (8X), Oral Mucosa Suis (8X), Pancreas Suis (8X), Phosphorus (8X), Rectum Suis Sarcode (8X), Stomach Mucosa Suis (8X), Sulphur (8X), Belladonna (10X), Kreosotum (10X), Lachesis Mutus (10X), Mandragora Officinalis (10X), Urinary Bladder Suis (6C), shigella bacilusDysentery (30C 200C)

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