Deseret Biological, Indole (1oz)

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A common plant hormone, Indole is primarily notable for its musk like fragrance that has resulted in its use as an ingredient in perfumes. It occurs naturally in Jasmine Oils and orange flowers. It is involved in the decomposition process in the intestine.

INDICATIONS: For temporary relief of bowel disorders as with colitis, celiac disease, improper digestion, and flatulence, allergies caused by pollens or foods including gluten intolerance, and/or nasal congestion, sinus congestion, candidiasis, sleep disorders and depression.

DOSAGE: One to ten drops three times daily under the tongue as directed by a health care practitioner.


INGREDIENTS: Demineralized water, 25% ethanol, Indole (6-12-30-200X, 12-30-60-200C)

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