DesBio, Trauma Relief Gel (4 oz)

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Trauma Relief Gel quickly relieves pain and bruising and speeds up healing after an accident, injury or surgery. It has been reformulated to include Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid to assist the healing process. For best results use in conjunction with Trauma Remedy Drops and topically with Smart Silver Gel. Do not apply the gel over large areas of the body, on broken skin, or directly into open wounds. For topical use only. Do not expose to extreme heat.


DOSAGE: Apply a small amount on the area of discomfort, gently rubbing the gel into the skin. Application should be as soon after the injury as possible. Repeat three times in ten minute intervals, thereafter apply three times daily as needed. 

INDICATIONS: For the temporary relief injuries of all kinds (sports, accidents) including strains, sprains, pulled muscles, bursitis, contusions, dislocations, fractures, joint pain, bruises, post-operative or post-injury swelling, as well as various arthritic conditions.

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