DesBio, Mineral Balancing & Energy (1oz)

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The Mineral Balancing and Energy formula contains the homeopathics of mineral salts and phenolics needed to facilitate the neutralization of these toxic mineral energies. The homeopathics and bowel nosode support of the main homeopathics make this an all-inclusive formula to aid in the regulation of those glands dependant upon as well as get toxic from minerals.

INDICATIONS: Temporary relief of symptoms related to mineral imbalance in the body, including fatigue, dehydration, nervousness and cramping pain.


INGREDIENTS: Viscum Album (3X 30X 200X), Cobaltum Gluconicum (6X), Cuprum Sulphuricum (6X), Ferrum Fumaricum (6X), Kali Asparaginicum (6X), Magnesia Asparaginicum (6X), Manganum Gluconicum (6X), Natrum Molybdanicum (6X), Phosphorus (6X), Adenosinum Cyclophosphorium (8X), Cerium Oxalicum (8X), Niccolum Aceticum (8X), Vitamin D3 (8X 30X 200X), Heavy Metal Isode (12X, 30X), Alumina (30X 200X), Mercurius Corrosivus (30X 200X), Plumbum Metallicum (200X), Morgan Pure Bowel Nosode (30C 200C)

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