DesBio, FiberZyme (120 Caps)

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Constipation is defined as less than two bowel movements a day. Poor elimination of waste from the digestive tract is at the root of most health problems. Taking Digestive to help with digestion and taking Fiberzyme to make sure waste products are eliminated quickly is an effective one – two punch for proper digestion and elimination.

INDICATIONS: constipation, toxicity in the blood, parasites, poor liver function, obesity, fatigue, allergies, colds

DOSAGE: 2 capsules before breakfast and 2 capsules before bed as needed, or as directed by a health professional

QUANTITY: 120 caps

INGREDIENTS: Cascara Sagrada bark (300 mg), Psyllium seed and husk (100 mg), Ginger root (60 mg), Fennel Seed (60 mg), Burdock root (20 mg), Senna leaf (20 mg), Goldenseal root (20 mg), Protease (35,000 HUT), Amylase (3,400 SKB), Lipase (380 LU), Cellulase (250 CU), Malt Diastase (90 DPº), Invertase (200 Sumner), Lactase (430 ALU), Pectinase (22 endo PGU), Alpha Galactosidase (120 GAL)

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