DesBio, Energy Catalyst

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Energy Catalyst is important in promoting the proper utilization of minerals in maintaining proper energy utilization and flow.

INDICATIONS:  Temporary relief of symptoms related to adrenal fatigue related to mineral excesses and/or deficiencies, chronic infections, fatigue, hormone deficiencies and circulatory imbalances

DOSAGE: 3 to 10 drops under the tongue 3 times daily, or as directed by your health professional


INGREDIENTS: Viscum Album (3X, 30X, 200X), Cobaltum Gluconicum (6X), Cuprum Sulphuricum (6X), Ferrum Fumaricum (6X), Kali Asparaginicum (6X), Magnesia Asparaginicum (6X), Manganum Gluconicum (6X), Natrum Molybdanicum (6X), Phosphorus (6X), Adenosinum Cyclophosphorium (8X), Cerium Oxalicum (8X), Niccolum Aceticum (8X), Vitamin D3 (8X, 30X, 200X), Heavy Metal Isode (12X, 30X), Alumina (30X, 200X), Mercurius Corrosivus (30X, 200X), Plumbum Metallicum (200X), Morgan Pure Bowel Nosode (30C, 200C)

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