DesBio, Egg Mix

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The Egg Mix formula contains all of the proteins and phenolic compounds contained in egg-related foods and products. The homeopathics and bowel nosode support of the main homeopathics make this an allinclusive formula to eliminate allergies related to this highly allergenic food and supplement group.

INDICATIONS: Temporary relief of symptoms related to egg, chicken or feather allergies, including fatigue, upper respiratory, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal and urinary symptoms.


INGREDIENTS: Asparagine (6X, 10X, 30X, 200X), Phenylalanine (6X, 10X, 30X, 200X), Quercetin (6X, 10X, 30X, 200X), Animal Antigens (9X, 12X, 15X, 30X), Calcarea Carbonica (6c, 30C), Ferrum Iodatum (6c, 30C), Morgan Pure (30C, 200C), Tetracycline (6c, 200C), Ascorbicum Acidum (6c, 30C)

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