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Coxsackievirus: any of several enteroviruses associated with human diseases such as meningitis or herpangina (Herpangina is a viral illness in which ulcers and lesions (sores) form inside the mouth, and there is sore throat and fever.). Epidemic pleurodynia: an acute virus infection typically caused by a coxsackievirus and is characterized by sudden onset with fever, headache, and acute diphragmatic pain – called also devil’s grip.

INDICATIONS: For temporary relief of symptoms related to Coxsackie infection, including high fever, headache, muscle aches, sore throat with red blisters on tongue, hard palate and inside cheeks and possibly form on palms of hands and soles of feet.

DOSAGE: Adults & children (3 years & older) one vial orally every three days. Begin with the lowest numbered vial and continue to the highest (1-10). Hold solution under tongue for one minute before swallowing. If symptoms persist or recur, consult your health practitioner. Symptoms often become acute about the second or third dose or later. This aggravation is quite common and patients should be advised to expect this and use Drainage Remedies. It is recommended to continue Series Therapy until completion for best results. If testing determines additional series are in order, reverse the administration of successive kits (10-1, 1-10, etc.)

QUANTITY: 10 Vial Kit

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