DesBio, Liver Drainage (2oz)

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 For the purpose of cleansing and detoxifying of the liver in order to improve digestions, regularity and energy levels of the system.

DOSAGE: Use one full dropper three times daily or as needed.


INGREDIENTS: Berberis Vulgaris (1X), Chelidonium Majus (1X), Carduus Marianus (2X), Schisandra chinensis (2X), Taraxacum Officinalis (2X), Picrorrhiza Scrophularliflora (3X), Raphanus Sativus (3X), Viscum Album (3X), Chromium Gluconate (6X), Cobaltum Gluconate (6X), Copper Gluconate (6X), Magnesium Gluconate (6X), Natrum Sulphuricum (6X), Ptelea Trifoliata (6X), Sarcolacticum Acidum (6X), Sulfur Iodatum (6X), Carbolicum Acidum (8X), Chicory (Flower Essence) (8X), Gallbladder Suis (8X), Hepar Suis (8X), Nux Vomica (8X), Pancreas Suis (8X), Vanadium Metallicum (8X), Vervain (Flower Essence) (8X)

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