DesBio, Kidney Drainage (2oz)

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INDICATIONS:  Assist the kidneys to regulate water and electrolite balances, clear waste products from the body and promote red blood cell production.

DOSAGE: Use one full dropper three times daily or as needed to assist kidney, bladder and urinary function.


INGREDIENTS: Solidago Virgaurea (1X), Asparagus Officinalis (2X), Juniperus Communis (2X), Sabal Serrulata (2X), Uva Ursi (2X), Equisetum Arvense (3X), Cobaltum Metallicum (8X), Silicea (8X), Manganum Metallicum (8X), Berberis Vulgaris (3X), Urtica Dioica (3X), Rhus Aromatica (3X), Mimulus (8X), Larch (Flower Essence) (8X), Gorse (Flower Essence) (8X), Beech (Flower Essence) (8X), Kidney suis (8X), Cantharis (6X), Rubia Tinctorum (6X), Staphysagria (6X), Glandula suprarenalis suis (8x), Nitricum Acidum (8X), Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum (8X), Benzoicum Acidum (12X)

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