Deseret Biologicals, NAET Heart (1oz)

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NAET Heart / Small Intestine formula contains the Homeopathics and Phenolics that are needed to regulate these key organs. The Homeopathics and bowel nosode support of the main Homeopathics make this an all Inclusive formula to eliminate allergies related to poor breakdown and excretion of allergenic substances especially through these important Meridians when they are a source of an energy blockade.

INDICATIONS: Temporary relief of symptoms related to energy weakness in the chest and upper abdomen such as flatulence, exercise-induced discomfort and tenderness.


INGREDIENTS: cor (6c 30C), Vein (6c 30C), Artery (6c 30C), Gaertner bacillus ( 30C 200C), dysentary co ( 30C 200C), Ascorbicum acid (6c 30C), Enzyme co q 10 (6c 30C), adrenocorticotrophin (8c 30C), Sarcolacticum acidum (6c 30C), adrenalinum (6X 8x 10x 30X 200X0C), coumarin (6X 8x 10x 30X 200X ), Tyramine (6X 8x 10x 30X 200X ), coenzyme A (6c 30C),  Glonoinum (6c 30C), Arsenicum Album (30C), Aurum metallicum (30C), Belladonna (30C), cactus grandiflorus (6c 30C), Digitalis Purpurea (30C), Kali carbonicum (30C), Lycopodium clavatum (30C), Lithium carbonicum (30C), Mercurious Solubilis (30C), Naja tripudians (30C), Nux Vomica (30C), Phosphorus (30C), Pulsatilla (30C), Spigelia anthelmia (30C)

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