Chi's Enterprise, Whole Skin (4 oz Jar)

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  • Chi's Enterprise, Whole Skin (4 oz Jar)
  • Chi's Enterprise, Whole Skin (4 oz Jar)


Whole Skin is an ointment made from natural ingredients that promotes circulation and prevents infection in areas of affected with burns and open wounds by instigating the natural cell regeneration healing process. Its ingredients prevent degradation, allergic reactions and blood stasis in the compromised area while clearing away toxic materials, removing putrid tissue and promoting growth of new tissue.

Whole Skin Ointment can be used for:

  • • Burns
  • • Skin Ulcers
  • • Post-operative Healing
  • • Wound healing 

Newsweek Magazine hailed this product as one that “not only eases the pain of burn injuries, but speeds healing, reduces scarring and drastically cuts the cost of saving lives.”

The May 17, 1990, article reported that cases of severe burns treated conventionally remained rough, scarred and marked by patches of uneven pigmentation. Skin applied with Whole Skin healed with a supple and unblemished appearance.

Due to these qualities many doctors ask their patients to use Whole Skin before considering a skin graft. Furthermore, Whole Skin can be applied on minor burns such as first of second-degree sunburns, relieving the pain in just a matter of hours and healing the entire burn in a few days.

The herbs in Whole Skin Ointment Include:

• Aloe Vera
• Coptis chinensis
• Dryobalanops aromatica
• Phellodendrum chinense
• Sesame Seed Oil 

Whole Skin works through the following mechanisms:

1. In increases phagocytic activity. This promotes the activation of fibroblast, smooths muscle cells and stimulates angiogenesis.
2. It promotes microcirculation in the healing site
3. It rejuvenates skin faster at the epidermal layer. In particular, it improves the histologic structure of the scar (the ratio of epithelium and collagen fibers). Even second degree burn patients can use Whole Skin to reduce scars. Many emergency room doctors suggest that patients use Whole Skin before trying skin grafts.
4. It appropriately inhibits the growth of capillary networks in the scar
5. It eliminates itching and pain at the affected sites.

Directions for Use: Apply topically on the skin three to five times daily 



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