Chi's Enterprise, Rainskin

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Chi's Enterprise, Rainskin - RAINSKIN FOR CLEANER, SMOOTHER SKIN Rainskin is a natural anti-aging and purifying facial cleanser used topically. It leaves the skin smoother and silkier. It contains Paeonia laciflora, Rice bran, Aloe, Coix lachrymal, and Papain. It does not include artificial color, dyes or fragrances. Papain is an enzyme extracted from papaya that digests old skin, protein and fat, making the skin softer, cleaner and younger looking. Coix lachrymal maintains skin moisture and decreases wrinkle formation. It also is effective for lichen planus and eczema. Rice bran contains phytic acid, which helps get rid of pustules on the face. It also promotes skin circulation for better skin coloration. Paeonia helps decrease wrinkle formation and age spots. It also minimises freckles and acne. Finally, Aloe prevents skin cell aging and reduces melanin, the pigment that gives colour to the skin. This reduces the appearance of acne scars. Aloe also blocks UV radiation, is disinfective, prevents inflammation, and promotes cell regeneration.

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