Chi's Enterprise, Lily Hair Tonic (8 oz)

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  • Chi's Enterprise, Lily Hair Tonic (8 oz)
  • Chi's Enterprise, Lily Hair Tonic (8 oz)
  • Chi's Enterprise, Lily Hair Tonic (8 oz)


Chi's Lily Hair Tonic is an all natural herbal formula designed for those experiencing hair loss. 

Lily Hair Tonic works in several ways for hair loss: 

Lily Hair Tonic Invigorates Blood Circulation

It invigorates blood circulation, thus eliminating blood stasis. It warms the canals and sub-channels through which vital energy nourishes the blood circulation, promoting palliation and maintaining the scalp in a permanent optimal growth condition. In cases of poor circulation, Vein Lite can also be orally taken to improve cardiovascular function.

Lily Hair Tonic for Hormone Imbalance

It balances the hormones, contributing to hair growth. Prosta Chi is recommended with Lily Hair Tonic for men with hair loss. Furthermore, it can be used with Pro-Metabolic for women who have hair loss due to low thyroid function.

Lily Hair Tonic to Stimulate Follicle Receptors 

It stimulates hair follicle receptors to promote growth. Also, usage of the Mineral Infrared Therapy (MIT) is excellent on scalp to help microcirculation, to decompose grease and to kill hair follicle disease

Lily Hair Tonic contains the following herbs:

• Dictamnus dasycarpus
• Polygonum multiflorum
• Drynaria fortunei
• Cacumen platycad
• Angelica sinensis
• Cordyceps sinensis
• Rehmannia glutinosa
• Panax ginseng

Dictamnus is an herb that improves circulation and removes toxins. It also facilitates in skin condition eczema, which might contribute to hair loss. Polygonum nourishes the blood and also contributes to detoxification. This herb is known for its anti-aging properties, particularly in promoting hair growth, eliminating grey hair and increasing hormones. Drynaria tonifies the kidneys and improves overallcirculation. Cacumen has been found to be 70% effective on alopecia. Angelicais another herb well-known for its effects in replenishing the blood andhormones as well as improving circulation. Both cordyceps and Rehmannia affecthormonal balance, circulation and kidney function. Ginseng replenishes chi, circulation and hormones.

In one study, participants used at least one bottle of Lily Hair Tonic permonth (6 bottles in 6 months) but were allowed to use more if desired. The age range of the participants and the ability to regrow hair was not a factor. In summary, this study found that Lily Hair tonic has a stimulatory effect on hairgrowth for at least 6 out of 10 men with andorgenic alopecia.

Directions for Use: 

To use Lily Hair Tonic, apply it evenly over the affected area(s) of thescalp, following compression of a hot, wet towel on the affected area(s).

Lily Hair Tonic can be used with the MIT. Shining the MIT on the scalp with Lily HairTonic has synergistic and quick effects. Apply twice a day or more frequently in serious cases.

60 mL bottle 

About Chi's Enterprise, the company

Eastern alternative medicine meets western science at Chi's Enterprise.

Founded in 1986 by Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi, Chi's Enterprise is a well-respected leader in Herbal Alternative Medicine, offering sound, research-based supplements to people worldwide.

Dr. Chi received medical training in China and earned his PhD in Biochemistry from Rutgers University in 1978. He is also a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician.

Dr. Chi's research background includes infectious disease research at Squibb, new cancer drug research and studies at Warner Lambert/Parke-Davis, as well as Omicron's lab director in the fields of cancer, vaccines and atherosclerosis. 

Chi's Enterprise, Lily Hair Tonic (8 oz) - Grows back hair in China! - Helps blood circulation, eliminates blood stasis, stimulates receptor cells in hair follicles. It has the capacity to maintain permanently conductive hair growth on the scalp. Good for hair loss, alopecia, and dandruff. Ingredients: Aralla, Ginseng, Fo-ti, Tripergium, Glycerin, inger, Vitamin A & E. Apply twice a day to affected area. 2.1 oz. bottle

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