Chi's Enterprise, Herbarinse (30 Packs)

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  • Chi's Enterprise, Herbarinse (30 Packs)
  • Chi's Enterprise, Herbarinse (30 Packs)
  • Chi's Enterprise, Herbarinse (30 Packs)


Chi's Enterprise, Herbarinse (30 Packs) - Herbarinse is topical herbal formula for acne, containing Atractylodes, cinnamonmum, Salvia, Artemisia, Eupatorium, Notopterygium and Saposhnikovia. This unique combination provides a deep cleansing action that not only removes dirt and residue on the surface but also eliminates toxins from deep within, leaving the skin nourished and healthy. Many cases of acne are worsened by the presence and activity of Propionibacterium acnes, which promotes the production of pro-inflammatory mediators. A 2005 study found that Herbarinse is effective against acne by killing this bacterium. Herbarinse comes in powder form. To use it, dissolve the contents of the packet in a small bowl of warm or hot water. Soak a face towel in the solution, wring out excess liquid and cover your face of affected area with the towel until it starts to cool. Repeat the process until the solution cools. For best results, use twice daily for 20 days to several months.

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