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Boluoke (lumbrokinase) is the only fully researched oral fibrinolytic supplement on the market. Besides having in vitro studies, animal studies, toxicity studies, and pharmacokinetic studies done, Boluoke has also been put through all phases of clinical trials (including randomized double blind controlled studies) in China. Lumbrokinase has been studied as a treatment for various clinical conditions, including acute, sub-acute, and chronic conditions that are associated with the presence of hypercoagulation and hypoperfusion.

Lumbrokinase is a more potent enzyme preparation than nattokinase. One of the advantages of Boluoke® (lumbrokinase) is that it does not interfere with the clotting cascade, but instead, works by reducing fibrinogen and fibrin. Boluoke does not affect INR or aPTT, thus is compatible with Coumadin® or heparin.

Boluoke vs. Other Lumbrokinase Products
Comparing other lumbrokinase products to Boluoke is like comparing apples and oranges. Boluoke’s enzymatic strength is standardized against urokinase and t-PA. The imitation products are likely just earthworm protein extract containing little pure lumbrokinase or lumbrokinase of low enzymatic strength. Some companies are making products with 230mg to 250mg of lumbrokinase per capsule and trying to quote Boluoke’s research as their own. Boluoke’s capsules are of 200mg in size, and contain 20mg of lumbrokinase inside each capsule. Most of these other lumbrokinase are unable to distinguish between the weight of the capsule (i.e. 250 mg) and the active lumbrokinase per capsule (Boluoke is 20 mg).

Boluoke is the only fully researched oral fibrinolytic supplement on the market. Besides having in vitro studies, animal studies, toxicity studies, and pharmacokinetic studies done, Boluoke® has also been put through all phases of clinical trials (including randomized double blind controlled studies) in China. Boluoke® is the only Lumbrokinase that is backed by Phase I – III clinical trials in China, the one that is first used in hospitals in China, and covered by the Chinese National Fundamental Health Insurance.

A common question we receive is about potential side effects of Boluoke. The earthworm has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a few thousand years, and is considered to be one of the safest medicines in the traditional pharmacopoeias. In one of the largest clinic trials of Boluoke® involving 16 hospitals and 1560 patients in China, the overall adverse reaction rate was 1.92% (30 cases). 0.58% had skin itching, 0.19% had skin rash, and 1.15% had nausea or diarrhea; no hemorrhage or major side effect was reported. Again, this research pertains only to Boluoke®.

It is interesting that other lumbrokinase products cite the clinical results achieved with only Boluoke®, confusing the reader into assuming that the research was done on their formulations. However, their products may be very different, and your patients may have very different results.

On the raw material market, the price of lumbrokinase can vary by up to 15 fold, and the enzymatic strengths of various Lumbrokinase also differ greatly. In addition, lumbrokinase is a preparation containing multiple enzyme fractions, and the extraction and purification method determines the composition of the various enzyme fractions. Thus different extraction methods will produce different sub-fractions of lumbrokinase. This is the reason why Boluoke® does not significantly change prothrombin time (PT) or activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), while other lumbrokinase sources may significantly alter PT or aPTT as shown in studies. No other lumbrokinase product can provide you with this assurance.

Boluoke seems to be beneficial for any illness that has an accompanying hypercoagulable blood state, which has been shown to be present in many chronic illnesses. Some practitioners are also recommending Boluoke for those who choose to be on hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills, and for those who could not tolerate standard preventative pharmaceutical drugs.

Lipoprotein (a)
High Lp(a) in blood is a risk factor for coronary heart disease (CHD), cerebrovascular disease (CVD), atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and stroke (source: Christian Wilde (2003). Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke: Inflammation, Cardiology's New Frontier. Abigon Press, pages 182-183).

In advanced atherosclerosis, Lp(a) is an independent risk factor not dependent on LDL. Lp(a) then indicates a coagulant risk of plaque thrombosis. Apo(a) contains domains that are very similar to plasminogen (PLG). Lp(a) accumulates in the vessel wall and inhibits binding of PLG to the cell surface, reducing plasmin generation which increases clotting. This inhibition of PLG by Lp(a) also promotes proliferation of smooth muscle cells. These unique features of Lp(a) suggest Lp(a) causes generation of clots and atherosclerosis (source: Caplice NM, Panetta C, Peterson TE, Kleppe LS, Mueske CS, Kostner GM, Broze GJ, Simari RD (2001). "Lipoprotein (a) binds and inactivates tissue factor pathway inhibitor: a novel link between lipoproteins and thrombosis". Blood 98 (10): 2980–7).

Lp-a concentrations may be affected by disease states, but are only slightly affected by diet, exercise, and other environmental factors.

Commonly prescribed lipid-reducing drugs have little or no effect on Lp(a) concentration. Hemex Labs reviewed its records of patients with high Lp(a)and were able to show that Boluoke promotes healthy Lp(a) levels using the following regimen:
Week 1: one cap BID
Week 2: two caps BID
Week 3: three caps BID
Week 4: two caps BID
Week 5 and beyond: one cap BID
The attending physician should closely monitor patient's blood pressure and make necessary adjustments to other blood pressure medications and/or Boluoke.

Suggested Use
If Boluoke is to be taken for chronic conditions, it should be taken at the dose of 1 capsule one to three times daily 30 minutes before the meal. However, the practitioner may recommend 2 capsules three times daily for 3 to 6 weeks in conditions with severe hypoperfusion. The therapeutic dose for children (according to the manufacturer)is 1 capsule per 8Kg (about 17 pounds) per day. If the lumbrokinase is emptied out from the capsule, still try to take the powder on an empty stomach.

Ingredients: Each capsule contains 20mg of standardized lumbrokinase extract.

Other Ingredients: cornstarch, gelatin


Scientific name: A proprietary enzyme mixture containing lumbrokinase extracted from earthworms (Eisenia Fetida)

⇒ supports and maintains healthy coagulation activity of the body

Physiological effects already shown in scientific literature
⇒  activates plasminogen system & hydrolyzes fibrin directly
⇒  lowers PAI-1, fibrinogen, ESR, and C-RP levels
⇒  lowers whole blood viscosity & plasma viscosity
⇒  reduces platelet aggregation

Potential applications

Many acute and chronic conditions commonly associated with modern diet and lifestyle often lead to a hypercoagulable blood state, which means the body’s fibrinolytic activity is under- functioning relative to the body’s pro-coagulation activity. In a hypercoagulable state, these two systems are out of balance and the blood is more prone to forming excessive fibrin. Boluoke•Ý_ can support the body’s fibrinolytic system and bring the whole system back into a more balanced state. Hypercoagulation is not a disease, but merely a blood state that is often associated with many conditions. However, it can contribute to the progression and deterioration of many conditions if it is not brought back into balance. The causes for hypercoagulation may be inflammation, infection, trauma, toxicities, etc., and correcting the underlying causes is the long-term solution.


⇒  maximal effect: 2 capsules 3x per day 30 minutes before each meal for 3~6 weeks or as recommended by a physician
⇒  maintenance: 1 capsule 1~3x per day 30 minutes before each meal

Cautions and Contra-indications

⇒  recent surgery, lumbar/arterial puncture, or trauma
⇒  known aneurysm, GI ulceration/bleeding, or any bleeding disorders
⇒  concurrent administration of strong anti-platelets like Plavix , Ticlid, etc.
⇒  known allergy to lumbrokinase, earthworms or corn

Please consult your physician before taking this product or any other health supplement, especially if you are on any prescription medicine, are pregnant, have bleeding risks or having surgery. People with known allergy to lumbrokinase should not take this product. Keep out of the reach of children.

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